The Cumulus Retail Virtual Client Conference will include 24 different break-out and training sessions to choose from over 2 days. Go back to the basics and get training refreshes, learn about new features now available, and get introduced to many available add-ons now offered within Cumulus Retail- for both in store and online.

The virtual event will have 3 tracks of sessions, happening simultaneously, so we encourage our retailers to send multiple attendees to gain as much as possible from our event and your software investment.

View and download the entire two day schedule here & view the available session descriptions here

Day 1 - October 26, 2021

CEO & President, Ian Goldman and Marketing Director, Michele Salerno kick off our 1st annual Cumulus Virtual Client Conference.

The Omni-Experiential Future of Retail Marketing

The pandemic has accelerated change in retail, but particularly for small to mid-sized independent retail. Pre-pandemic, the store was the focus of the brand, and driving in-store traffic was the main goal of most marketing. Now, and in the post-pandemic future, consumers expect many (omni) ways to shop, interact, and buy from a brand. This talk is an exploration of this trend and how to get on the front (and profitable) side of this trend.

Track 1: Learn the Top New Features in Cumulus Retail

This session is an introduction to some of the top features for Cumulus Retail over the past year, which includes versions up to 2.7.1. Learn about our new frequent buyer program (optional add-on), open PLU items for special orders, new columns in the SKU store list, contract pricing (optional add-on), case/packs (optional add-on), handling of web returns, modified closing of layaways/special orders with missing serial numbers, masking of gift card numbers on receipts, creating and selling packages (optional add-on), inventory adjustment reports, and much more.


Track 2: Launching a New, Integrated eCommerce Site with Curbside Pickup Application

This session is intended for clients interested in launching a new Cumulus eCommerce site. Get a first-hand look at our eCommerce features, and how you can ‘go live’ quickly by leveraging flexible design templates, utilizing online data feeds from distributors (depending on your retail vertical), how to customize product data, set pricing rules, change product displays, drop ship/fulfill orders, offer BOPIS and curbside pickup, and much more! Learn more about our new curbside pickup application with text message notifications, directly integrated into your Cumulus eCommerce, to help you streamline your same day, curbside orders.


Track 3: Sportsman Training & Overview

This session is intended for hunt/camp/fish retailers and will dive into the newest features and integrations for FFL dealers. Important topics will be discussed, such as automated ordering with distributors, reporting, ATF compliance, optional services such as repairs and buy-trade/consignment, drop shipping, important sportsman industry online marketplace integrations, an introduction to the NASGW Scope CLX program, as well as our new NSSF ChildSafe Program partnership with round-up donations (both in store & online) and more.

Track 1: Streamline Inventory Management with New Features

In this session, we will cover new features added to the Cumulus Retail inventory management module, including processes such as transfers, adjustments, physical inventory, how to maintain accurate on-hand inventory quantities, and methods for entering inventory data into the system (manual entry, scanning, importing).


Track 2: Develop a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy, including SEO Services & Email Marketing 

In this workshop, we will discuss how to combine your digital strategies, such as SEO and email marketing, to drive online sales. We will review what Search Engine Optimization is and why it is so important to help your site achieve higher keyword rankings on search engines to help drive new business to your website. Then, keep those customers coming back with more effective email marketing by using Celerant’s integrated email marketing platform. Unlike Mail Chimp or Constant Contact, our email platform is integrated with your Celerant software. By pulling your customer and sales history, for both in store and online, you can create automated email workflows and send personalized messages to the right person, at the right time- increasing the success of your marketing efforts by up to 6x!


Track 3: FastBound Integration & Product Demo 

This session is intended for FFL dealers. Celerant offers an internal A&D book within its software, but for dealers who prefer to use the FastBound A&D Book, we offer a seamless integration. In this session, you will get a first-hand look at the FastBound A&D Book, with e4473, all backed by FFLGuard for ATF Compliance. With your subscription to FastBound’s A&D Book, your e4473 forms are offered at no additional charge, and can be accessed from any mobile device. FastBound will be leading this session to provide a hands-on product demo, plus Celerant will participate as well to answer any questions regarding the integration.

Track 1: Enhance your Reporting with Celerant

In this high-level overview of the reporting options available with Celerant we will demonstrate how running more effective reports can help you make better, data based, decisions. We will review standard and canned reports, our custom Report Designer (an optional add-on), as well as how you can integrate with 3rd-party solutions for open-to-buy, such as ManagementONE. In this session we’ll show you how you can build your own, on-the-fly reports for inventory, sales, customers, employees, purchase orders and more using the custom report designer as well as how to apply filters, groupings and aggregate functions to modify the display, and in some cases, how the data is calculated.


Track 2: New Mobile App: Increase your Retail Channels by Launching a Mobile Shopping App

Learn about Celerant’s brand new and exciting mobile shopping app! Increase your retail channels, send personalized push notifications directly to your customers’ phones, and increase sales by adding an app onto your retail business. With minimal effort on your end, Celerant can design and develop your app, and thanks to a seamless integration with Cumulus Retail, your ongoing product, pricing and image updates are all completed in one central place- your Cumulus back office- which then automatically reflects on your eCommerce site, your point of sale and your app at the same time!


Track 3: Integrate with Distributors to Import Catalogs, Automate Ordering & Sell More Products

This session is primarily for the Sportsman industry. Celerant’s vendor integrations are an evolving and growing part of the Celerant software and this session will provide an overview of all that you can take advantage of with your vendors. Learn about the different distributors that we integrate with and how to import and update products directly from their catalogs into your Cumulus point of sale, and how to create and send purchase orders electronically, both automated based on min/max levels or manually generated. You will also learn how to offer an ‘endless aisle’ of products by using in-store kiosks, plus how to use online product feeds to power your eCommerce site and in many cases take advantage of drop shipping.  The level of integration can vary based on each distributor, and some have paused and now resumed services due to COVID- all of which will be covered in this session.

Track 1: Streamline your Promotions, Coupons & Markdowns

In this session, we will review Cumulus’ robust coupon feature, for both discounts and BOGOs (optional add-on), which allows for automated exclusions, time frames and rules such as minimum dollar spent or items purchased. Learn how coupons can be restricted or allowed in conjunction with other sales, promotions and discounts, as well as for specific items, brands or classifications. Learn how to require a customer record be attached and that a minimum dollar amount and/or number of items purchased reached in order for the coupon to apply, or limit the number of times a coupon can be used in a transaction or by a specific customer. Whether you want to offer a specific dollar amount off or a percentage, your coupons and promotions can be handled with ease and without depending on your POS clerks to manually enter discounts which can slow down your register and increase your fraud risk.


Track 2: Review Available Cumulus Add-ons to Enhance your Retail Business, both In Store & Online

In this session you will learn about the current available add-ons you can utilize to optimize business. We offer several optional add-ons from our Enterprise software, which can be added onto your Cumulus software or eCommerce to enhance your experience. In this session, we will review many of the popular add-ons for both in store and online. In-store examples include be BOGO’s, frequent buyer program, Custom Report Designer, kits & packages, product images at the point of sale and more!  eCommerce and online examples include integrated shipping services (UPS, FedEx, USPS, ShipEngine), curbside pickup, fraud protection, ADA Compliance, online marketplace integrations and much more!


Track 3: Cumulus eCommerce Data Services with Web Portal Training for Distributor Online Feeds

This session is intended for the Sportsman Industry. In this session, learn how to set up your pricing rules, product collections and term sales for your online feeds. Learn how to create a custom taxonomy/department structure, as opposed to utilizing the Celerant master taxonomy. For the web portal, learn how to set up promotions, export your customers’ email addresses, view current web stats such as orders, sales, customers and more.

Day 2 - October 27, 2021

Embracing  the Top 5 New Metrics for Retailers: A Pandemic Bounceback Report

Join Paul Erickson of Management One as he outlines the most important retail business strategy to come out of the pandemic after the COVID shutdown. Retailers who have adopted a new mindset around their retail finances are seeing successful numbers that are breaking even 2019 levels! With so many metrics to focus on, it can be hard to spot new opportunities in your data, so Paul will break down the top 5 metrics and show how they can help build a successful foundation for your business in 2022 and beyond.

Track 1: Increase Sales with Loyalty Programs & SMS Text Messaging Based on Triggers at the Point of Sale

In this session, learn how to use Cumulus’ built-in Customer Loyalty Program that allows your customers to accrue and redeem loyalty points, both in-store and online. You can control the amount of money the customer has to spend and the amount which can be earned in the form of either a discount or an in store credit. We will review how to set up loyalty rewards and buying clubs within Cumulus to drive repeat business. One of our newest features will also be introduced-  SMS text messaging via an integration with Twilio (optional add-on). Through the integration, you are able to send automated SMS messages to customers based on events (or triggers), such as loyalty rewards- each time your customer earns a reward, an automated text message can be sent out. In future versions, we are enhancing the SMS messaging to offer many more options for trigger-based point of sale messaging based on things such sales, repairs, and staff alerts such as store transfers, loss prevention and more.


Track 2: Improve your Fulfillment with New Features & Optional Shipping Integrations, such as ShipEngine

Learn more about Celerant’s fully integrated fulfillment options, with integrated shipping services such as FedEx, UPS and USPS. Celerant recently unveiled a new integration to ShipEngine as well, helping guide retailers to the fastest and cheapest shipping option, opening up another 30+ carriers including Amazon Prime and DHL, allowing you to include your logo on shipping labels, and more. Also to be reviewed in this session will be the concept of drop shipping with multiple distributors (where available) and how you can leverage your vendors, and/or Amazon, to assist with your fulfillment and expand your sales.


Track 3: Redesigned Range Module, Memberships & Text Message Range Alerts

This session is intended for the Sportsman industry. In this session, we will introduce the new enhancements to the range management module, which is now accessible in the Cumulus Retail Service Module. We will discuss additional changes that are coming soon, along with other topics, such as lane scheduling, creating and scheduling training courses/classes, memberships, recurring billing, club ID card printing, and more.  Our new integration with Twilio (optional add-on) will also be introduced, in which you can now send automated SMS text messages to your customers, based on triggers in the software such as a message being sent when a lane is ready to be assigned or a reminder that the customer has exceeded their allotted time.

Track 1: The Future of Integrated Payments in Retail, hosted by Shift4

As payment processing has become more complex, the answer has gotten much simpler. Find out how an end-to-end payment solution can help even the smallest retailer cut costs, streamline operations, and implement the latest technologies.


Track 2: Cumulus eCommerce: Mura Training Session

Learn how to use Mura to edit and update your web content. Get a hands-on training on add and edit blog posts, how to edit your slider and mini banners, add and edit page content, change your logo and/or images and more.


Track 3: Gun StoreMaster Integration & Product Demo

This session is intended for FFL dealers. Celerant now integrates with Gun StoreMaster, offering you even more options to comply with the ATF. Join this session to watch a product demo of Gun StoreMaster, and learn how you can automatically transfer POS data to Gun StoreMaster’s e4473 to complete transactions, update the bound book as inventory is received/sold within Cumulus, keep your POS, e4473’s and A&D book in sync, backup your A&D/e4473’s, and run reports to prepare for ATF audits. Celerant will also be on-hand to review and answer any questions relating to the integration.

Track 1: Mobile Physical Inventory & Counts for Simple Reconciliations

Cumulus Retail enables faster and more efficient inventory counts through mobile devices such as a portable data collector (PDT) or an iPod with a Linea Pro scanner. Learn how to simply walk around your store, scan your merchandise and upload your file from the device into Cumulus Retail’s simple data import. Additionally, Cumulus Retail allows you to perform your physical inventory or your cycle counts while your store remains open for business. We will review how to temporarily freeze your inventory movement within the Cumulus software, completing your inventory counts with your mobile devices, then simply use Cumulus’ Rollback feature to quickly and easily reconcile once your counts are complete.


Track 2: Introducing GoCart by Worldpay – Let’s Reinvent How We Pay

GoCart is all about simplifying life by empowering businesses to reinvent the way we pay. GoCart enables consumers to be recognized through an enhanced payment experience that allows them to pay quickly on any device – with no passwords and no long forms. Join us to learn more how GoCart can help increase sales and boost loyalty.


Track 3: Customize your Cumulus Retail Point of Sale

In this session, you will learn how to customize your Cumulus point of sale using POS widgets at several different levels including: Stores, User Groups, and Machine Types. You will also learn how to add your logo, show product images for line items at the POS (optional add-on); use the POS designer to rearrange, remove and rename fields in both areas; and how these changes are deployed to multiple stores (if applicable). In addition to the point of sale, we will do a brief overview on the Cumulus Retail Back Office dashboards and available layouts.

Track 1: Back to the Basics- Product Management Overview

In this session, get a step-by-step overview of how your product updates can be completed in one place- your Cumulus back office- and updated automatically to your point of sale, your eCommerce site and your new mobile shopping app.  Learn how to enter your product data into your Cumulus back office, including size and color matrices, prepare your products for eCommerce, such as managing web classifications, uploading images, setting web pricing, managing your web details such as SEO information and web copy. Learn how to complete bulk changes for faster data entry into the back office.


Track 2: Tax Compliance for Retailers in 2021 and Beyond, Hosted by Avalara

Retail has slowly been moving online for years, but COVID-19 forced the acceleration of this trend across every region, demographic, and industry. As a result, many retailers have opened themselves up to new tax obligations through increased sales in a state, selling on marketplaces, selling internationally, or a combination of all three. This breakout will focus on the implications these changes can have on tax compliance and the recent updates to tax policy that retailers must know. We’ll cover:

  • An in-depth look at retail trends and how online sales impact tax compliance
  • New tax obligations resulting from increased marketplace sales
  • The international market and changes to cross-border ecommerce compliance


Track 3: Streamline Your Data Imports into Cumulus Retail

Learn how to import data and create and/or update new records, using methods available in Cumulus Retail. We will review various types of data including customers, products, min/max values, catalog import, and inventory counts. Additionally, learn how to best prepare your data, to ensure a smooth process, while minimizing issues later.  For bulk updates, learn how to use the product import tools to perform bulk product changes from a spreadsheet.

Join our virtual cocktail with the Celerant team, industry partners, and other Celerant clients to celebrate the end of our two day event!